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We live in a diet-obsessed world, and that makes it difficult to have a peaceful relationship with food or trust our bodies. Most of us are overwhelmed by the electronic distractions as well as juggling the demands of work, school, and the people closest to us. Our environment promotes living in our heads rather than in our bodies. And yet, only through connecting to the body can we understand our physical and emotional needs.

Many clients know from experience that diets don’t work, but need compassionate support to help them learn the new skills they need to break old patterns. For many, it is a process of relearning.

Clients present a wide range of reasons for beginning nutrition therapy. Some have gained and lost “the same 20 pounds” over and over again or are struggling with an eating disorder. Some grew up with a parent who was always dieting and never developed a healthy relationship with food. Many eat for emotional reasons or go through cycles of what they consider “good” and “bad” eating behaviors. Others are struggling with all of the above.

We are here to help and not to judge. We can offer you concrete steps and tools that will help you reach the long-term goals of healthy, flexible eating, consistent self-care, and satisfaction from food.


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